For those who don't know, alumni derive from the word alumnus; which means a graduate of a school or university. However, the proper meaning for alumni department is an association of graduates, or more generally, of former students. It was mainly organized to support the interests of the University and the friendly intercourse of its graduates.

We invite you to discover the many opportunities available, from on campus events or across the country, to educational programming. Alumni department tends to organize social events, training courses, publish newsletter and magazines, to create job opportunities, inspire dreams and build future.

More importantly, we will appreciate your cooperation and will be glad to have you as Alumni.


To create a brilliant future for the MSA graduates. Enrich the lives of alumni and friends by helping them create lifetime, meaningful and valued relationships with MSA and with each other.


Be a vital part of Modern Science and Arts University by engaging alumni and friends in the life, promotion and improvement of the university.


Inform and Educate Alumni

Develop a communication strategy

  • Website links
    1. Scan photos from yearbooks, for example, photos of students in their labs, lab coats, and students performing in plays, Student union, graduation, conferences and more.
    2. News
    3. Major events, calendar and online registration
    4. Countdown to graduation
    5. Career services
    6. New grads with unique stories
    7. Special offers
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Orientation

Provide Alumni Services

  • Transcript Request
  • Affinity Programs
  • Email Addresses
  • Career Services
    1. Job Positions
    2. Internships
    3. Advising
  • Links for parents on website
  • Complimentary tickets to student shows
  • Yellow pages

Alumni Participation

  • Student Awards
  • Reunions
  • Homecoming
  • Travel... One trip every year
  • Advertising in magazines

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