Dr Saafan Amer Is Internationally Certified Spanish Translator

The Faculty of Languages proudly congratulates Dr Saafan Amer for being certified as an International Translator and Interpreter Spanish-Arabic-Spanish.

Dr Saafan is a distinguished staff member in the Faculty of Languages who teaches Spanish Language Courses to the students of the Faculty of Languages and across board to the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication. 

Legal translation is a highly challenging specialized field that requires precision and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law.

Being certified as an international translator and interpreter reflects a lot about Dr Saafan's commanding knowledge of his native tongue, the Arabic language, and an equally robust level of authority with Spanish as his second language.

It also indicates his ability to quickly absorb, comprehend and engage with complex texts and documents (such as contracts, interrogatories, judicial proceeding evidence, wills, trusts & economic agreements) and effectively deliver accurate translations.

Syrian Entrepreneur MSA Icon

Sami Al-Ahmad​ is Syrian entrepreneur helping youth in the Region by his 2 startups.

The first one "Khatwa" founded from 2013 to help syrian students to continue their studies in Egypt.
The second one called "MARJ3" which it Online platform provide information and consultancy about Scholarships for people in the MENA Region.
Sami has been featured in CBC TV Show "Hona Al Assema" and awarded to be one of 30 young entrepreneurs chosen by AMENDS (American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford) Our talented student helped hundreds of Syrian students to get scholarships and to make it easier for them to apply in universities around the world.
Sami is an example that deserved to be recognized and cheered for!
Hats off, Sami!

Nancy Karem Award For Getting The First Prize In Paris

Our biotechnology student Nancy Karem have stunned the medical community in the world after developing a new way that involves nano technology to target only cancer cells and leave normal cells harmless.

Nancy's project is one of the best top 10 projects chosen by Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest Foundation to participate in "Young Scientists Workshop" held in Paris.
It should be noted that Nancy is the only participant from Egypt and the Arab world.

An Active Member In The American Association Of Blood Banks

As active members in the American association of blood banks, Hadi Shahin the LA at the faculty of Biotechnology and the team from cell safe cord blood bank participated in the american association of blood banks annual meeting, for advancing transfusion and cellular therapies, San Diego 17.

During their participation, a random selection process enabled the complimentary registration to the 16 International cord blood symposium that will be held in June 2018 in San Diego, while having a random selection process accounts for coincidence, recognition as a participating team globally to cord blood banking from Egypt is in itself an noteworthy award.

Best Project Award In The Festival Of Zayed University

On April 28, 2011, MSAs Computer Sciences students won the Best Project Award in the festival of Zayed University to build the web application for Zayed Institute for Software Engineering (ZISE).

There were great inputs to this web application that's why it was accepted and won the award.

The Nobel Prize In Chemistry And Medical Sciences

MSA University is proud to announce that its excelling Biotechnology students Cherine Amr and Fatma El Zahraa Salama were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Medical Sciences at the Asian Science Camp which was held in Daejon, Korea from the 7th to the 13th of August 2011.

Their project was a great piece of work under the title “Targeting a specific receptor in the brain tumor to facilitate the passage of the drug through the blood brain barrier.”

First Widely Published Fiction Author

MSA University is proud to introduce this spectacular student talent, Ahmad H. Amin, a senior in Dentistry, as the University's first widely published fiction author who is soon going international!

Best Delegation Award

There were more than 52 participating schools and universities and the competition was very high but the MSA delegation not only won the “Best Delegation" award, but also dominated the individual awards. 

Yousra Shawki was awarded “Best Delegate of the Economic & Social Council”. 

Sherif El-Ashiry received the “Best Delegate of the International Criminal Court” award. Also Mohamed Ali got the “Best Delegate of the University Level BIMUN”. 


MSA’s Adham Mohamed Saeed competed amongst 2000 registered teams and was able to win 1st place in the Citizenship category for his project.

The project was aimed at solving the garbage problem in the world by creating a mobile application that has features such as locating the nearest garbage bins and their recycling category, statistics about garbage dump locations, and smart navigating solutions for the cleaning companies.


Aicha Massrali, the assistant lecturer at faculty of Biotechnology, has traveled to the United Kingdom to attend her Msc Graduation Ceremony at Rochester Cathedral, University of Greenwich, UK on 26th July 2013.

Aicha was graduated from Faculty of Biotechnology in 2009.

Aicha has a great input in the faculty, she is one the quality assurance team and she has awarded the best TA.

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