What should I do after graduating? And what papers do I need to get? These questions we all ask after graduating.

So here’s what you need to do, first of all you need to receive a message from the university, that your certificate is ready to be received.

Secondly, you need to head to C315 and ask for Captain Yasser to order your graduation certificate and your Egyptian Syndicate “if needed”, bear in mind you need to get some cash and pictures; boys will always have one more picture for their army status. (The number of pictures is according to the number of certificate each faculty will need) Faculty Of:

  • Arts and Designs 4 pictures
  • Biotechnology 2 pictures
  • Computer Science 3 pictures
  • Dentistry 12 pictures
  • Engineering 3 pictures
  • Languages 3 pictures
  • Management sciences 2 pictures
  • Mass communication 2 pictures
  • Pharmacy 6 pictures

After that take your clearance Form, and have it signed at the control room, the library and the accounting department to take a slip to receive the clearance form. Receiving the certificate and the clearance form may vary within 20 - 30 days.

And finally after 20-30 days you will receive an official certification document that confirms a qualification of B.A has been awarded to you. An Official Statement of Academic Record states the details of your academic record at MSA. The Official Statement of Academic Record (academic transcript) and all the Requirements Completed” will list any major(s) and minor(s) confirmed by your faculty.

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