Be a part of a smart casual, catered event to meet and greet with top students and highly distinguished alumni in a semi-formal setting. It makes it easier for the organization's representatives to interact with candidates and share about their organization in a relaxed environment. You might like to take advantage of this opportunity to reel in multicultural talents who are equipped with the highest UK education standards.


Employers have an excellent opportunity to interact with distinguished students and experienced graduates for recruiting and employment branding purposes in a seated table setting. This is a chance for students to learn more about the company's job opportunities, career paths, employment benefits, their services and products, strength points, etc. 

Workshops and Talks

The event will avail excellent opportunity for recruiters and leaders to share success stories, experience and knowledge in a very casual setting during lunch or opening, casual breakouts.

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Who can attend?

- MSA graduates and students who receive dual certificates, one from MSA University and it’s accredited by the Supreme Council of Higher Education in Egypt and the other one from Bedfordshire or Greenwich Universities according to their major and it’s accredited worldwide.

- For MSA University Graduates Registeration:
- For MSA University Students Registeration:
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Employment Fair Sponsorship Packages


How do I become a sponsor ?

To become a sponsor, kindly fill in this registration form (Click here to register)

What are the registration deadlines ?

There are no deadlines for registration, but we operate on first-come first-served basis. Since our events contain workshops with limited seat numbers, we advise to book your place early to get the privilege of choosing the topic of the workshop you are interested in.

Can I change plans/cancel at any time ?

Yes. The amount of refund will be estimated according to the time of cancellation.

Is there a dress code to attend the event ?

Yes. The dress code for this event is formal and semi-formal.

When does the early bird discount end?

The early bird discount for sponsors ends by 20th of October 2018.

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